Your Apology Pages & Letters

Apologies are one of those things that there never seems to be a shortage of. I guess to err is human after all.

When we first started the Apology Board we didn't qualify the types of apologies we were hoping to showcase. Many just wrote a few short sentences and were just happy to have their apology documented somewhere. Others really poured their hearts and souls into their apology letters and their sincerity was unquestionable.

In light of these longer and heartfelt apology letters we opened up a section called "Your Online Apologies" and it's growing at a rapid rate. For those of you interested in reading some sincere mea culpas that showcase many of the ingredients of a perfect apology be sure to check it out!

There are 4 categories of Apology Letters:

Friends and Family -- For apologies that touch on close relationships.
Love and Marriage --  For mea culpas  between lovers.
General Apologies --  For recipients who don't fit in either of the above.
Apology Ideas --         For ideas on apologizing submitted by our readers.

If you'd like to post a long and heartfelt apology letter, we'd love to help. If instead, it's short and sweet, we'd be happy to post it the board.