The Last Word on Tiger's Public Apology

We at PA strongly recommend to our readers an excellent article by Gary Van Sickle, senior writer for Sports Illustrated. 

Van Sickle summarily rejects any and all demands from the public, media, public relations gurus and apology "experts" who continue to demand yet another, more detailed apology from Tiger Woods. 

The article essentially reinforces the position we've been defending all along -- the quality (and sufficiency) of Tiger's first and second public apologies, as distinct from any other personal or business apologies he feels compelled to deliver, is clear and self-evident. He owes us nothing more. As Van Sickle explains,
"Those loud media voices calling for full disclosure and yet another (more detailed) apology as a necessary means of healing are looking out only for their self-interests. Another helping of juicy, sensational nuggets will simply drive more viewers toward the content these voices sell and profit from. That does not help Tiger."
Tiger may have damaged the game of golf, Van Sickle argues, "but that is because the PGA Tour, thanks to Tiger's dominance and its own desire to expand its reach and revenue far beyond its traditional niche, focused on Tiger to the exclusion of everyone and everything else....Any perceived debt has long since been paid in full by the fruits of his amazing success." 

This article is among the very best we have come across on this issue. Let's hope it's the final word on the need for Tiger to come clean...again. 

Tiger is the world's greatest golfer; he's not a Republican Congressman, marriage therapist or priest.