The Boss Wants an Apology?

From time to time, we receive letters from our website visitors explaining a particular situation and asking for advice. We are happy to share those that we feel would be of benefit to all our readers, here on the PA blog.

A person I work with made a snide remark to me so I made one back at him. Now our boss wants me to apologize to him-- should I apologize to him if he is not going to apologize to me?

Neither of the two remarks where demeaning or any thing like that. He made a remark about my work so I made one about his. He then made two more about my work but I did not say anything back to him, yet I am the one being forced to apologize.

You should write the clearest and most impressive apology you can (using the guidelines we offer) and send it to your colleague, cc'ing your boss.

This will significantly improve the relationship you have with your boss (the real benefit) and has nothing much to do with the guy you were fighting with, although this will likely help your relationship with him as well.