I'm Sorry Mom - Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is one of those celebrations that should remind us all of how much we sometimes take our family (or those that are closest to us) for granted. Why is it that we often treat strangers with more courtesy than we do those whom we cherish the most?

The obvious answer is that we behave this way because we have nothing to fear--regardless of what we say or do, we know deep down that they will always be there for us--and in knowing that, on occasion throughout the year, we allow ourselves to treat them with less respect than they deserve and rarely apologize for it.

The worst part of all is that this behavior sometimes extends to that very day where we collectively honor our mothers, and we let the day go by without a simple visit or phone call. Although wishing your mother a "Happy Mother's Day" is not an apology per se, it likely does make up (in some little way) for the times throughout the year that you were less than thoughtful.

And, in the same way that a gift is not necessary when extending an apology but does add a level of thoughtfulness and an extra touch, the same holds true for Mother's Day. So think about it...

For ideas on how to add your own special touch to your Mother's Day celebration check out our page on creative ways to say sorry.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!