The Sorry State of The Web.

When the team first got together and came up with the idea for Perfect Apology we never considered providing an outlet for people to post their own apologies. The site was only ever meant to be a kind of user-guide for both personal and business apologies where people could learn about something we all need to do from time to time.

One day, on a whim we decided to create an Apology Board, a page where people could say they're sorry and have it go live on the site. It started out as a test to see how and if people would respond.

It turns out that not only have people responded but the board itself fills a need for many. These folks seem to feel that posting an apology on the internet somehow gives their mea culpas more credibility. Perhaps being live on the web for all the world to see does in some way add to the effectiveness of an apology.

The problem is that many of the apologies we receive and post don't even come close to fulfilling the basic ingredients of a proper apology. We post them anyway, hoping that those who are not forgiven will take another look at their apologies, figure out why they remain in the situation they're in, and learn to improve things next time around....(there are also many others we receive and don't post for various reasons...)

The satisfying part in all of this is that there are some stellar examples of near perfection posted to the board. They shine bright and make the not-so-good apologies look even worse. Whether these individuals learned how to apologize effectively on their own or through the site, we can all learn something from the way these guys did it. These are the folks who gave thought to their situation and the parties involved, have taken the time to learn about what constitutes a sincere apology, and tailored their apologies appropriately.Hopefully future posters will read some of them prior to posting their own apologies.

Unfortunately for many, the few minutes of thought and research that it would take to craft a heartfelt apology is simply too much effort.... If they aren't even willing to try and figure it out, what are the chances of their apologies being well received? Is simply posting any old apology on the web enough to be forgiven?