Maxim Apology Watch: Still Waiting.

David Peisner, the freelance writer responsible for writing the recent Maxim reviews of new (but not yet released or available) CDs by the Black Crowes and rap star Nas, offered the following in his defense:

"I was assigned to write previews of the Black Crowes and Nas albums. I did that. When the issue came out, the previews were laid out as reviews complete with star ratings. I never at any point or to anyone claimed to have heard these albums in their entirety. Whatever decisions Maxim made after I turned in my work were beyond my control."

Black Crowes' manager Pete Angelus made the following statement in response to Peisner's claims.

"[Maxim] issued a partial apology to their readership, but no apology directly to the artist whose work they denigrated without having heard more than one song, while attempting to pass it off as an album review. I think Peisner’s claim is absurd. He wrote a review of music that he never heard, he disparaged both the band and the material. He said, ‘It hasn’t left Chris Robinson and the gang much room for growth,’ and yet now he’s going to attempt to pass off his actions on Maxim? Absurd.”

Notice the emphasis Angus places on the "partial apology" as a source of the band's anger and frustration, a point he has repeated in other statements. As the Perfect Apology team explained here and predicted here things are going to get much worse for Maxim, simply because they failed at the start to issue a simple, honest apology to the band.