Another Maxim Apology, Please!

When news of Maxim's fabricated review of the Black Crowes' latest CD surfaced, the magazine's editorial director was quoted as saying:

"I will be the last person to mince words here: This is a mistake. It's a mistake that won't happen again, but it's not a mistake that appears in other parts."

But it appears that fabricated reviews are indeed mistakes that have been repeated in other reviews published by the magazine. We now have reports of a Maxim review of rap star Nas' forthcoming (but not yet released and still in production) album.

Oddly enough, the magazine assigned the exact same rating they gave to the Black Crowes' unreleased album -- 2.5 stars out of five.

"I'm finishing the album now," Nas pointed out, "and it will be out April 22. I don't know what a music rating from Maxim is. I don't know what it even means really. I'd prefer [a review from] Playboy."

Here's a Perfect Apology Team prediction -- things are going to get pretty ugly for Maxim's editorial staff very quickly, all because of their failure to take the time to craft a decent apology to the Black Crowes in the first place. In hindsight, insulting the band by refusing to apologize directly to them was a pretty bad editorial decision. Either James Kaminsky (Maxim's editorial director) is completely clueless and/or out of the loop, or he's hiding many more skeletons in the music critics' closet. In either case his job is in serious jeopardy.