What's New at PerfectApology.com?

We've been concentrating our efforts on the main site instead of here. We'll still occasionally make a quick post here...well, maybe ;-) ...no promises,  but all the greatest and latest news on apologies and saying sorry can be found on our main site. There are still some unique articles here on the blog so do check it out as well.

Here's a sampling of recent articles and some of the apology letters posted by our readers on the main site:

Your Apology Pages & Letters

Apologies are one of those things that there never seems to be a shortage of. I guess to err is human after all.

When we first started the Apology Board we didn't qualify the types of apologies we were hoping to showcase. Many just wrote a few short sentences and were just happy to have their apology documented somewhere. Others really poured their hearts and souls into their apology letters and their sincerity was unquestionable.

In light of these longer and heartfelt apology letters we opened up a section called "Your Online Apologies" and it's growing at a rapid rate. For those of you interested in reading some sincere mea culpas that showcase many of the ingredients of a perfect apology be sure to check it out!

There are 4 categories of Apology Letters:

Friends and Family -- For apologies that touch on close relationships.
Love and Marriage --  For mea culpas  between lovers.
General Apologies --  For recipients who don't fit in either of the above.
Apology Ideas --         For ideas on apologizing submitted by our readers.

If you'd like to post a long and heartfelt apology letter, we'd love to help. If instead, it's short and sweet, we'd be happy to post it the board.

The O.B Johnson & Johnson Tampon Apology

Sometimes being super clever when delivering the perfect apology trumps you having to include all the necessary ingredients--and if you manage to do both, which is almost impossible to do, then you really hit a home run!

In this case, the apology takes the form of a music video that is personalized with each customer's name (sent via email) and was targeted to North American customers who contributed to an international backlash of Johnson & Johnson over the discontinued o.b. Ultra brand of tampons. It promises a return of the tampons to North American stores and comes complete with a printable coupon.

It's one of the most clever apologies our team has ever seen.

 Way to apologize J & J!

A Tale of Two Apologies | David Letterman

This week we cover two separate David Letterman Apologies.

The first Letterman apology was issued to his family and staff for having had sexual relations with multiple female staff members. The second apology went out to Sarah Palin and family after Dave made an indefensible joke about Palin's 14 year old daughter.

In both cases David Letterman used his own show's platform to issue the apologies and, by all accounts, was quite successful in doing so.

Read our take on the David Letterman apologies.

The John Mayer Apology Case Study

The first John Mayer apology was issued after the singer used the “n” word during a Playboy interview when trying, we think, to make some point about his inner city fan base.

During that same interview, he also managed to offend Holly Robinson Peete who is quoted as saying that Mayer's comments were racially insensitive and denigrating to black women. This resulted in apology number 2.

How successful was Mr. Mayer in apologizing?

Read the case study to find out: The John Mayer Apology